With a bountiful supply of cakes and sweets to fuel their efforts, twelve pupils rowed nonstop through the day and Saturday night to Sunday afternoon for a 24-hour row in support of the Brain Tumour Charity.

Alongside Mr Aston on 24-hour watch, and with support from Mrs Morris, each member of the team rowed an ergo for eight fifteen-minute sessions, aiming to cover 322km, the equivalent length of the River Nene which runs through Oundle and is the river that they train on three times a week.

After only five hours into a 24-hour row, the team sped through the 65km mark. They then reached their target a good hour before the 24-hour end and finished with more than 15km added to their target, a total of 337,181 metres rowed.

The first and final five minutes of the row were led by Troy Cunnington, who suffered a brain tumour a few years ago that left him blind. As part of the life changing adjustments he has had to make, he attends a Community Action session once a week at the gym where he trains on the rowing machine.

The team chose to support the Brain Tumour Charity because of the experiences of the boys captain, Will (L) and staff at the Boat Club whose family members have suffered from brain tumours.

Including Gift Aid, the team raised upwards of £3000 for their cause.