The objectives of the club have been maintained through to the present day with all pupils becoming automatic lifetime members of the Club when they leave the School, with no annual subscriptions. Long serving members of staff are also welcomed as Honorary OO’s.

Upon leaving the school at the end of U6, our newly formed OO’s receive a Club tie or a silver camel charm as a welcome gift, as well as a subscription to the annual Old Oundelian Magazine.

We try to offer a broad programme of events, and sports clubs, operating across the UK and internationally. These provide the opportunity to meet up with fellow OO’s and honorary OO’s including former staff, and to keep in touch with the School.

The OO Club operates on a regional basis with corresponding members in the UK and overseas who keep in touch with OOs in their region, giving any help they can, particularly to those visiting overseas. To get involved in your region, please contact your corresponding member.

Administration of the Club is carried out by its full-time secretary located in the Oundle Society offices. The general direction of its affairs is in the hands of a committee supported by a finance and policy committee, which meets three times a year at Oundle.

OO Club COMMittee & Members


Charles Miller (Ldr 76)
E: president@ooclub.co.uk
Alastair Irvine (Sc 81)
Chris Piper (Sc 71)
Jane Fenton
E: oosecretary@oundleschool.org.uk
Nick Cheatle (G 63)
John Crabbe (G 55)
Bob Ellis (D 65)
Sir Michael Pickard (C 51)
Chris Piper (Sc 71)
Chris Walliker (D 54)
Harry Williamson ( St A 55 )
Shane Dodd ( Sn 74 )
Guy Beresford (B 81) Careers Committee
David Meredith (Lx 78) Reporting Accountant
Al Gordon (C 69) Sports Committee
Alastair Irvine (Sc 81) Finance Committee
Philip Sloan (LS 71) Legal Adviser
Kristina Cowley (L 13)
Richard Owen (Sc 70)
Nina Rieck (K 95)
Mary Price (K 94)
Chris Waring (Ldr 12)


United Kingdom and Ireland
Birmingham and West Midlands
Jon Terry (G 93)E: birmingham@ooclub.co.uk
Bucks, Berks and Oxon
Charles Miller (Ldr 76)E: bucks@ooclub.co.uk
East Anglia
Matt Payne (StA 82)E: eanglia@ooclub.co.uk
East Midlands
Chris Piper (Sc 71)E: eastmidlands@ooclub.co.uk
East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire
Position OpenE: eyorks@ooclub.co.uk
Kent, Sussex and Hampshire
Peter Owen (Lx 63)

E: kent@ooclub.co.uk

Matt Simmonds (StA 97)E: london@ooclub.co.uk
North East
Charlie Hoult (Sc 85)E: neast@ooclub.co.uk
North West
Peter Pentecost (St A 73)E: nwest@ooclub.co.uk
North Yorks
Tim Waring (Ldr 76)E: nyorks@ooclub.co.uk
Guy Bainbridge (Sn 78)E: scotland@ooclub.co.uk
South Wales
Peter Moore (Ldr 88)E: swales@ooclub.co.uk
South West
Anthony Parsons (S 65)E: swest@ooclub.co.uk
South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire
Richard Ellis (Sn 86)E: syorks@ooclub.co.uk
West Yorkshire
Richard Ellis (Sn 86)E: wyorks@ooclub.co.uk
Ireland, North and South
Anna Syme (K 02)E: ireland@ooclub.co.uk
Channel Islands
Position OpenE: channelisles@ooclub.co.uk
South Africa and Zimbabwe
Charles Salem (C 78)E: safrica@ooclub.co.uk
James Clayton (G 68)E: canada@ooclub.co.uk
Tim Peckett (St A 82)E: caribbean@ooclub.co.uk
South America
Position OpenE: southamerica@ooclub.co.uk
Richard Kunzer (G 90)E: usa@ooclub.co.uk
Xi Zhu (Ldr 05)E: china@ooclub.co.uk
Hong Kong
Mark Reeves (C 80)E: hongkong@ooclub.co.uk
Si Reynolds (Sn 02)E: indonesia@ooclub.co.uk
Japan and Korea
Dominic Al-Badri (N 88)E: japan@ooclub.co.uk
Malaysia and Singapore
Andrew Yong (C 02)E: malaysia@ooclub.co.uk
Iditorn Israsena (B 06)E: thailand@ooclub.co.uk
Australia and New Zealand
Australia & New Zealand
Charles Salem (C 78) E: australia@ooclub.co.uk
Northern Europe
Jan Kluk (LS 56)E: northeurope@ooclub.co.uk
Southern Europe
Jim Bennett (N 77)E: seurope@ooclub.co.uk
Eastern & Central Europe
Jan Kluk (LS 56)E: centraleurope@ooclub.co.uk
Middle East
Middle East
Joss Williams (D 86) E: mideast@ooclub.co.uk
Special Groups
Armed Services
Dominic Titcomb (G 11)E: armedservices@ooclub.co.uk
Old Oundelian Lodge No 5682
Secretary: Howard Allen (Sn 75)E: oolodge@ooclub.co.uk
Cambridge University
Mhari McLay (K 17)E: cambridge@ooclub.co.uk
Oxford University
Position openE: oxford@ooclub.co.uk

The Old Oundelian Magazine

All members receive an annual copy of the Old Oundelian magazine, which includes members’ news and full details of forthcoming OO activities for that year, as well as an overview of School events.

OO Magazine

OO Merchandise

We have a wide range of Old Oundelian memorabilia available to purchase perfect for remembering your time at Oundle and wearing to OO gatherings.

OO Merchandise

Contact the OO Club

Jane Fenton
Alumni Relations Manager and OO Club Secretary

T: 01832 277297
E: cjfenton@oundleschool.org.uk

Connect with the OO Club


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