The OO Club was formed in 1883 and held its first dinner in London in December 1883. Interestingly, as reported in the Laxtonian, the Oundle Chronicle, the President was unable to attend! After 140 years we have a great deal of history to tell.

The decision to appoint Chris Piper (Sc 71) to be the first full time paid professional OO secretary in November 1997. The OO Club, prior to 1997 was by and large a traditional passive organisation that focused on a relatively small group of older OOs. Since 1997, thanks largely to Chris the activities of the Club have multiplied and reached out to far more OOs of all generations.

Year AppointedNameHouse & Year group
2024Lance AshworthG 82
2023Guy BeresfordB 81
2022Chris PiperSc 71
2020/21Charles MillerLdr 76 *Two year term due to Covid-19 Pandemic
2019Alastair IrvineSc 81
2018Richard EllisSn 86
2017Philip SloanLS 71
2016Arthur MarmentD 77
2015Ian HodgsonSc 78
2014Richard MatthewsD 66
2013Al GordonC 69
2012Jay CartwrightS 71
2011Charlie BushHeadmaster 2005-2015
2010Dick OrchardSn 58
2009Bob HarrapB 68
2008Brian WhitakerSn 58
2007Shane DoddSn 74
2006Sir Charles Pollard QPMSc 63
2005David WhiteN 55
2004Dr Ralph TownsendHeadmaster 1999-2005
2003Jon HolmesB 68
2002Peter OwenLx 63
2001Gavin ChoyceN 61
2000Peter MillsSt A 77
1999Nick CheatleG 63
1998Peter Reynolds
Lx 62
1997Richard WilsonN 66
1996Peter Joyce QCD 64
1995Peter NichollsLx 71
1994Roger BurmanLx 58
1993Jack ThorpeG 56
1992Chris BlasdaleSt A 52
1991David McMurrayHeadmaster 1984-1999
1990John SpraggLx 55
1989Edward HuntS 58
1988Sir David NewbiggingSc 52
1987Richard Wilson OBE CMGN 38
1986Lord Nick HemingfordB 52
1985James MillsN 32
1984Michael SpraggLx 51
1983Chris WallikerD 56
1982Dr M MasseyB 52
1981Sir William MatherSc 32
1980F Mc L HaywardC 42
1979Sir Michael PickardC 51
1978Sir Alastair GraesserSc 34
1977C F C Simeons
G 40
1976G A WilsonN 41
1975Sir Neil G Westbrook
D 35
1974Elliot M Viney
Sc 32
1973Peter G Brook
Ldr 1949
1972Dr T J D Walker
C 42
1971Dr Barry M W Trapnell
Headmaster 1968-1984
1970J D Reekie
Lx (Fisher) 29
1969R G Oliver
G 31
1968B Engert
G 26
1967P B Mair
Lx (Fisher)
1966T Raymond Mays
Sc 17
1965A J Marr
C 25
1964Sir Alfred Owen
S 27
1963E S Franklin
G 26
1962Sir Richard Atcherley
Sc 21
1961P G Coombs
Sc 10
1960F D Marshall
Sc 16
1959Richard J Knight
Headmaster 1956-1968
1958C E Sutcliffe
N 22
1957S F Burman
Lx (Fisher) 23
1956A C Unthank
D 23
1955Sir Joseph Simpson
G & St A 28
1954A P Boddington
S 25
1953Col C R Hodgson
Sc 22
1952C Gimson
Lx (Fisher) 1906
1951Sir Harold M Barton
D 1899
1950J T Shepley
D 1899
1949G J Harvey
C 1909
E L Caldwell-Smith
N 1910
1947Graham H Stainforth
Headmaster 1945-56 *Two term due to WWII
Graham H. Stainforth
Headmaster 1945-56
1922Dr. Kenneth Fisher
Headmaster 1922-45
1892Frederick W.Sanderson
Headmaster 1892-1922
1885Rev. Mungo T. Park
Headmaster 1885-92
Rev Thomas. C. Fry
Headmaster 1883-84
1883Rev H. ST. John Reade
Headmaster 1876-83

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