The Old Oundelian Benevolent Fund (“the Fund”) was set up in 1936 with the aim of providing financial assistance to Old Oundelians and their dependants. The fund is a registered charity and is administered by a board of six trustees, three of whom are appointed by the AGM of the Old Oundelian Club. The other three trustees are “ex officio”, comprising the incumbent OO Club President, Secretary and Chair of the OO Club Finance Committee.

The Fund is required by law to apply its trust fund moneys generally in accordance with the terms of the Trust Deed that established the Fund, and in particular with the objects as provided in the Trust Deed and reproduced below. In recent years the Fund has supported a range of causes, including the following:

  • Making contributions towards the support of children of OOs within the Oundle School bursary programme.
  • Assisting an OO in financial hardship with payment of university fees.
  • Providing prize funds for the Oundle School “Big Give” competition.
  • Giving financial and practical support to the annual Oundle School Mencap Holiday.

All donations to the Fund will be applied by the trustees from time to time in their absolute discretion in accordance with the objects of the Fund as set out below (as amended from time to time in accordance with the terms of the Trust Deed) and the law as it applies to charities.

If you wish to make a donation to the Fund please email the OO Club Secretary at  or complete the donation form.  Donations may be made by cheque, bank transfer or standing order.

Donation Form

Objects of the Old Oundelian Benevolent Fund

The sole purposes or objects to or for all or any of which Trust Fund moneys are to be applied are as follows:-

  • To give financial assistance to any Old Oundelian in the education of his or her child or children at Oundle School or at some Preparatory School or at some recognised place of higher education;
  • To found Scholarships or Exhibitions available for Old Oundelians or their children;
  • To give financial assistance by either loan or gifts to any Old Oundelian or his or her dependents in need or distress;
  • To give financial assistance to any Old Oundelian or his or her dependents for education or training for any business or profession if considered by the Trustees to be necessary or advisable on the grounds of financial necessity;
  • To contribute towards any other charitable object for the benefit of Old Oundelians or their dependents provided that such contribution has been previously sanctioned by the Committee of the Old Oundelian Club aforesaid;
  • To contribute towards projects or other appeals for the further development of Oundle School.

Note: the expression “Old Oundelian” for the purpose of the above means any person who was educated at Oundle School or Laxton School.

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