“Our aim is to create a motivating and inspiring sporting environment which provides a wide selection of team and individual sporting options for every single Oundelian. This will ensure excellence and enjoyment at the top competitive level across every sport as well as the nurturing of good habits to remain fit, healthy and active across all abilities.”
Mr Nick Beasant, Director of Sport

Our ethos

Sport is part and parcel of daily life at Oundle and we are determined that every pupil leaves School with a positive experience of sport, developing a lifelong interest in a sporting activity that will foster good health habits into adulthood.

Our ambition is to nurture a sporting culture where all strive industriously and some excel; where individuals can pursue minority sport interests alongside mainstream competition, and where the most talented are challenged to reach their potential.

Our pursuit of excellence

We pride ourselves in the pursuit of sporting excellence and supporting pupils to compete in local, regional and national competitions across a wide range of sports and age groups.

Pupils participate in a minimum of three sports afternoons per week, but will also train at other times with their team on top of individual training programmes. We provide the appropriate development opportunities through our 13+ and 16+ Sports Scholarships, offering extra support to all those who show the necessary potential, ambition and dedication.

Pre-season training in England or abroad is in integral part of our programme, and highly successful sports tours regularly enable pupils to compete against teams around the world. Coaching is led by specific Heads of Sports, many of whom have performed and coached at the highest level, and are assisted by a team of carefully selected talented Sports Fellows. All staff have access to the latest technical equipment and outstanding facilities for both team and individual sports.

Providing a broad range of training and competitive playing opportunities in response to pupil demand is important to us and we are proud that in recent years, girls’ cricket, football and rugby have all increased in both popularity and competitiveness.

“Supporting competitive team sport and elite individual sportsmen and women is a core responsibility of School sport and requires both expert coaching and a wide range of appropriate, multi-faceted facilities.”

Sporting Medical support

We offer access to both a Chartered Physiotherapist who is available onsite on a weekly basis to assess and treat injuries. There are also scheduled weekly sessions with a dedicated specialist rehab instructor, but pupils are welcome to come and consult on any issues of rehab, exercise prescription and nutritional advice during designated sessions.

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