"I was a bursary recipient and remain hugely indebted to this wonderful gift that I was offered. I firmly believe that without it, I would not have had such significant opportunities in my life after school. Knowing how privileged I was, has directed my own career, and I now teach in order to help young people understand how to make the most of all the opportunities they are given."

Bursaries at Oundle

Oundle School would not exist were it not for philanthropy, and we value profoundly our centuries-old culture of giving. Our tradition of providing the highest quality education holds true to this day, and it is our charitable foundation which enables us to offer that education to young people from a wide variety of circumstances. Every year, we offer financial rewards to dozens of children from a range of backgrounds, coupled with attentive and appropriate pastoral care to all pupils and support to their families where needed.

Bursary Commitments

Bursaries are awarded following close consultation with individual families regarding their financial circumstances. Emergency help may also be offered to families who find themselves in difficult financial circumstances part way through their child’s education. In addition, the School is committed to having, across the School at any one time, at least 15 children from state schools who would be unable to access an Oundle education without full fee remission. We identify and support these children and families in partnership with our growing network of third-party charities and multi-academy trusts.

Oundle is only able to extend this opportunity thanks to the generosity of those of our supporters who are inspired by the possibility of sharing the benefits that they or their own children have enjoyed. Since 2013, The Foundation has raised over £3.9m in support of Bursaries at the School, and on behalf of the hundreds of children who have benefited, we would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to everyone who makes this possible.

"The most important thing I have learned over the last seven years is to say yes to as many opportunities as possible and I believe this will be my greatest asset in future. My time at Oundle has had a lasting impact on my life."

Supporting the Bursary Programme

If you would like to discuss how you can support the Bursary Programme, please contact:

Matthew Dear
Director of Development

T: 01832 277293
E: mdear@oundleschool.org.uk

The Oundle Society
West Street

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