We are delighted that a specially commissioned sculpture was installed outside the entrance of the new Sports Centre on Thursday 9 December. The sculpture, which has been designed and created by OO Tom Hiscocks (St A 81), recognises the generosity of the Oundle School community and celebrates the donors that helped make the project a possibility.

Entitled ‘Two Circles’, it incorporates themes of both constancy and movement, with two circles fluidly rotating independently of each other. The symbolism and resonances of the circles allow everyone to bring their own personal meaning to the work. Their differing sizes signify pedagogic interactions between old and young, with the circles mirroring their surroundings, the viewer, and people passing by, fittingly reflecting a project with its various communities at its heart.

The circles are also symbolic of Oundle, the ‘OO’ Club and our supportive community of Old Oundelians, whilst the plinth bears the names of donors, with our sincerest thanks for their generosity in supporting this project