Greg Smith (StA 07) ex Leicestershire CCC and Nottinghamshire CCC until 2017, will lead the Rovers in the 2019 Cricketer Cup with Will Street (Sc 10) as his Vice Captain. A big thank you to Mikey Outar (L06) for his outstanding leadership of the increasingly successful team over the last three seasons.

Oundle open their campaign at Cheltenham on Sunday June 16th and hope then to be back at Oundle, for the first time since the first round in 2017, two weeks later against Radley or Rugby.

The Rovers squad for 2019 is as follows: Smith, Street, Austin (F06), Bell (C 05), Bishop (F 10), Chambers (S 11), Dobson (Sc 00), Fahrenheim (S 04), Fernandes C (L 17), Fernandes S (L18), Fischer (F 15), Foster (St A 05), Graves (F 15), Hicks (F 07), Johansen (F 11), Lawes H (S 15), Letten (StA 11), Lowe (G 99), McAlpine (Lx 88), Osmond (G 10), Oughtred (F10), Outar, Ramsden (F11), Rudkin (St A 07), Tusa (S 16), Venables (Sn 99), Wake (L 04).

Organisation is also well underway for the Rovers tour to Eastbourne July 10-12. All  welcome please apply to Simon Hicks (