"We take the welfare of our pupils very seriously, with every young person given the unique care and support he or she needs to flourish and be happy."
Mrs Ann Meisner, Deputy Head Pastoral

Someone to turn to

We believe that to be effective, care and support for pupils needs to be ingrained in every aspect of their School lives. From our carefully structured House tutorial system to the informal, yet highly intuitive relationships that they will form with our supportive staff, pupils always have someone to turn to and someone to look out for them.

Our network of Housemasters and Housemistresses (Hsms), matrons, tutors, teachers, the Chaplaincy, the emotional wellbeing team, as well as School Nurses and Doctors, all work together to create a supportive and caring environment, both night and day, for our pupils.

Our Houses

Fostering supportive relationships

The successful and mutually respectful partnership between pupils and staff is a distinguishing characteristic of an Oundle education, strengthened by the shared experiences and opportunities that living amongst such a strong boarding community brings. A pupil’s Housemaster or Housemistress will be a pivotal figure across all aspects of their School life, as will be their Tutor. Tutors and tutees meet regularly both formally and informally, including lunch at least twice a week in Houses, providing opportunities to discuss progress reports, targets, choices, problems and achievements.


“No two pupils are the same, and the range of support and care which the boys and girls have available at Oundle means that they can be treated as individuals and can always find someone to discuss their questions, offer advice or simply lay their concerns to rest.”
Mrs Ann Meisner, Deputy Head Pastoral

Around the clock care

Our qualified nurses and School doctors are available to provide healthcare advice around the clock.  Chaplaincy visits and professional counselling for pupils who require additional support are also part of our highly successful initiative.

A Child Protection and Welfare Group provides guidance and monitors the progress of any individuals who need more structured support.