The Learning for Life programme and all its content has been designed from scratch by both pupils and teachers specifically for Oundle pupils.

It is delivered as part of the timetable for First to Fifth formers, through personal Tutors for Lower Sixth formers and as a lecture programme for Upper Sixth formers. The programme is carefully tailored to each year group and a graduated approach to all topics ensures that content is introduced and developed appropriately as pupils move up through the School. 


Moving away from the standard didactic approach, Learning for Life equips pupils not just with knowledge but a greater self-awareness, confidence and resilience. It facilitates the kinds of conversations a family would have, examining how to approach life from a practical and personal perspective, as well as preparing pupils as thoroughly and pragmatically as possible for life at university and beyond. 

First form

Developing self-control
Puberty and body image
Tackling racism
Growth mindset

Second form

Measuring success
Healthy relationships
Good and bad stress
Giving back to society

Third form

Relationships and content
Social media
Personal safety
Stress and coping mechanisms

Fourth form

Financial basics
Fake news
Value for money
Healthy living
Politics and immigration

Fifth form

How to write a CV
Let's talk about racism
What do you want from life
How to decipher a payslip
Festivals and first aid

Sixth form

Student loans and spending
How to use social media to your advantage
The importance of contraception
The Dangers of gambling
Bare reality
Grassroots social media

"Pupils’ highly successful personal development is underpinned fruitfully by the School’s Learning for Life programme, which integrates smoothly with substantial mental health provision."
ISI Inspection Report 2021

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