A leading proponent of contemporary woodblock printing, Ralph Kiggell expands on his knowledge of traditional woodcut processes to create fine art that melds eastern and western approaches to print, design and craftsmanship. While he works predominantly in Japanese water-based print (mokuhanga), he also employs his knowledge of handmade Asian papers to create large papercuts and collages. He has illustrated compilations of writings and poetry, and collaborated on projects ranging from artist’s books to murals.

As a British man living in Thailand, he explores aspects of historic exchange between Asia and Britain, as well as transcultural identity and crossover in globalized times. Much of Kiggell’s work also celebrates the natural environment, using the organic materials of traditional Asian woodblock printing (paper, water, ink and wood) to highlight ecological concerns. His experiments and innovations with the medium draw on wide references, creating prints that further our understanding of the range of woodblock printing and help redefine this art in the 21st century.