Thirty pupils from the Third Form Trivium course were selected to display their work at a Trivium Connections Project Evening in the Great Hall. Pupils had been asked to research ideas and issues, find links between two seemingly clashing concepts, make connections, write up their findings, and create and share a presentation.

The pupils displayed originality and creativity, and clearly had fun in the process. Some projects focused on current events such as corruption, politics in sport and cultural genocide. For a project on fast fashion and the environment Charlotte (L) sourced a mannequin on eBay and designed a “trash dress” using plastic materials to highlight how fast fashion is as disposable as single use plastics.

Topics were as diverse as the Little Mermaid of Copenhagen, true crime and childhood trauma and US/USSR space exploration. Some pupils made artefacts to accompany their research, such as jewellery inspired by the Greeks, and a full-size Monopoly board designed with Oundle real estate.

Prizes were awarded to the projects that best fulfilled the purpose of creating connections. One project about guns and abortion, and another that explored art and androgyny were commended.

Third place was awarded to Emily (K) who depicted dreams in art, second place was presented to awarded to Ryan (Ldr) who created a website on art and architecture. Faisal (StA) won first place with his project that connected Fela Kuti’s music, fashion and African civil rights, and which showcased a full length, hand sewn evening gown.

The Trivium course intends to place learning for its own sake at the heart of the Third Form curriculum. It has no syllabus and no prescribed content. It is a course based on “interestingness”. The brief is to educate; to introduce pupils to ideas and culture, to sow seeds and to broaden the educational experience.