The DofE Award reflects Oundle’s ethos and vision for its pupils.  It is a major challenge which requires commitment and perseverance, and a significant amount of personal responsibility. It will involve the pupils finding themselves out of their comfort zone and requires them to be active members of a wider community and to work as part of a team.


Third Formers participate in the Bronze Award


Senior participants for Silver or Gold Awards


Hours of community service are completed by Oundle pupils

We encourage all Third Form pupils to participate in the Bronze level of the scheme, and many pupils pursue Silver and Gold in their senior years. At any one time, from Third Form to Upper Sixth, almost half the School is involved in the Award, making it one of the largest of any school in the country.

Fifth Form pupils are given the opportunity to work towards their Silver level.  They are required to work through and log their Skill, Physical and Volunteering sections independently.  Weekly Wednesday evening sessions between 5pm and 7pm are primarily used for Expedition planning, with the Practice Expedition taking place in Edale in the October half term, and the Assessed Expedition taking place in Bakewell at the start of the Easter holidays.

Lower Sixth Formers are able to work towards their Gold Award, as with their Silver Award, theye are expected to work through their Skill, Physical and Volunteering section independently. The Residential section requires them to undertake a shared activity in a residential setting for a minimum of five days, four nights, based in an unfamiliar location with unfamiliar people. Planning for the Expedition section is carried out in the weekly Wednesday evening sessions, with the Practice Expedition taking place at the end of the Easter holidays, in Dartmoor, and the Assessed Expedition taking place in the last week of the summer term in the Lake District.

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