Contributing Positively

We take seriously our responsibility to educate children and to instil in each of them the importance of contributing positively to society both while at School and as adults. We aim for our pupils to become global contributors; young people with an understanding of their place in the world who are equipped to make informed and valuable contributions to the various communities of which they are part. All Oundelians should seek to develop both an understanding and view of the world grounded in a broad life experience, and this is at the heart of our co-curricular programme.

Opportunties to engage

There are three strands to our co-curricular activities: leadership, adventure and service, all of which provide Oundelians with opportunities to engage with the world outside School. Such opportunities can have a life-changing impact. Whilst some activities are compulsory, such as Combined Cadet Force (CCF) for all Fourth Form, it is generally the responsibility of the pupils, under the direction of their Tutors, to commit themselves to a personal programme of participation that is right for them.

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