A love of learning is an aspiration for every one of our pupils and staff. Our criteria for success are not limited to what happens in the classroom: we wish to support the intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional and social growth of our pupils, so that they may become happy, balanced contributors to society.

There is no expectation that every pupil will be brilliant at every aspect of School life, or indeed, able to involve himself or herself with absolutely everything on offer. Our emphasis is on balance, especially at the start of a child’s career at Oundle. It is important that pupils have time to breathe, time to reflect and time to adjust to a new School life. Our aim is that by the end of their time with us, every Oundelian will have led a busy, happy and fulfilled School life, keen to seek intellectual activity beyond the classroom and to engage in pursuits outside the confines of Oundle.

We encourage aspiration, nurturing open minds, authentic self-belief and a sense of service. Our pupils are talented, aspirational and high achieving but also balanced, measured and down to earth. It is a source of pride to us that visitors often comment upon their ‘sense of purpose’ and the mutual respect that exists between staff and pupils. 

Above all, the children who thrive and who are happiest at Oundle are the children who, quite simply, want to make the most of all that an education with a full boarding ethos offers.

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