Twenty percent of Oundelians are foreign nationals, representing over thirty countries worldwide. This gives our community a rich cultural diversity which, in turn, is united by the common characteristic of all Oundelians to make the most of the extensive opportunities available to them. We look for overseas pupils who do not simply wish to develop their intellectual potential but to broaden their interests beyond the curriculum, contribute to School life and wish to experience a British boarding school culture. 

Oundle is very much a seven-day-a-week boarding School. With the exception of holidays, Half Terms and two exceat weekends a year, all boarders are present and active in School every day of the week.

All overseas candidates need to have a full command of the English language and sit the same entrance papers as UK candidates. This enables pupils to make the most of School life from the start, and whilst some applicants do join Oundle later in their careers as excellent preparation for university, we believe that the full value of an Oundle boarding education is best gained by joining the School at a younger age.  All overseas pupils are asked to have a guardian in the UK.


All pupils at Oundle sit iGCSE and GCSE examinations in Fifth Form (Year 11), with an A level and Pre-U curriculum at Sixth Form. We have a carefully balanced curriculum designed to give good preparation for future careers whilst providing a strong cultural and creative education, including ancient and modern European languages.

We also, however, understand that sometimes we need to be flexible in the case of pupils whose first language is not English. After assessment when they join Oundle, such pupils may be excused one or more foreign languages, and arrangements are made for extra English support lessons on a small group or one-to-one basis, which are charged for as an extra. Similarly, Mandarin Chinese is available to those who already have a background in the language.


"We set great store by our relationships with the global Oundelian community and each year we host events, concerts and receptions around the world in order to further these relationships and connect with our families beyond the confines of Oundle."
Anthony Burrows, Deputy Head Admissions


All applicants from mainland China should contact our official representative. Please see the below PDF for more information.

China Enquiries | PDF

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