Space to be inspired

In the midst of a busy day, the Cripps Library is a quiet place for pupils to collect their thoughts, focus on work or browse the shelves. It is not just a place to study however, it is a place to explore and find inspiration. Reading introduces pupils to new ideas and experiences that can be life-affirming and life-changing.

The book collection is the core of any library. Our open shelves spark excitement for the serendipity of discovery, while the scale and variety of our collection supports the research that is required for our pupils to complete their academic projects and essays. In addition to the book, newspaper and magazine collections, the Library provides a range of online subscriptions, such as the digital academic journal library JSTOR, to ensure that our pupils have access to the best and latest resources.

Engaged with the curriculum

The Library is fully engaged with the curriculum via reading schemes, an information literacy programme and bibliographic instruction. We are dedicated to ensuring that a pupil understands how to select and evaluate information, and how to use it effectively and responsibly, not just for academic success, but for personal well-being and good citizenship.

Designed for Learning

The Library was designed by Luke Hughes and Co to provide a modern, bright space infused with respect for quality and tradition. Two separate rooms accommodate whole class teaching and display cases house the School’s valuable collection of Greek pots and archaeological finds.

The Rare Book Room

The Rare Book Room contains the School’s special collections, including a 15th century Book of Hours and many significant 16th and 17th century books. Other collections include first editions by the Northamptonshire poet, John Clare, private press books, and books by and about John Piper.

We use many of our rare books to introduce pupils across the age range to the history of the early printed book, as sources that illustrate changing political and intellectual trends, and as opportunities for special study relevant to a variety of subjects.

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