Oundle runs both a Higher Education Conference and a Careers Conference in the Lower Sixth, which provide extensive guidance and information about university applications and careers.

Both the Careers department and individual Tutors work closely with all Sixth Form pupils to ensure that preparation for the university application process begins early, and that it is completed with considered care for the important life choices that are involved.

We also offer a separate stream for Oxbridge applications that begins with an Oxbridge Conference attended by an Admissions Tutor from either university, as well as Old Oundelian (OO) undergraduates from both universities. Pupils attend regular meetings with the relevant departmental Oxbridge mentor, which include discussion about extra reading or research, as well as advice on choosing colleges, interview technique and practice for any pre-tests that may be necessary.

The Oundle Society

Opportunities Abroad

It is no surprise that Oundelians are also looking across the world for the best higher education institutions. While most pupils will go on to universities in the UK, increasing numbers of pupils (and parents) are looking across the Atlantic for higher education with a more global approach. Oundle offers comprehensive preparation for admissions to universities in the United States and utilises its considerable resources to offer personalised advice for pupils and parents. Individual guidance and planning is provided by a senior member of the Careers department and we partner with A-List Education to provide common application, essay, SAT/ACT and general application advice, including selecting appropriate universities which will provide a best fit for our pupils.

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