The careers programme has two distinct but complementary strands involving an academic focus on Sixth Form options and university applications as well as a professional outlook towards work experience, CVs and interview skills.

Guiding informed career decisions

Our aim is to guide our pupils into a career, or indeed a number of careers, that they will go on to embrace and enjoy. Some pupils will know the direction they would like to take, while others may not. It is our role to help identify what this could be and to ensure our pupils can make informed decisions about their future. We start this process in the Fourth Form with an aptitude profiling test.  This provides pupils with an additional tool for choosing Sixth Form subjects, degree courses and ultimately career choice. During the Fifth and Sixth Forms, we guide pupils through CV writing, interview practice, researching degree courses, completing the UCAS application and pre-test preparation. On the practical side, we also guide pupils through budgeting, negotiating student rental contracts and other related fundamentals through our Learning for Life programme.

Learning for Life Programme

A well rounded experience

Whilst it is clear that pupils need to make well-informed decisions about a university and degree course, and that their university applications must be of high quality, it is increasingly the case that graduate jobs are offered to those applicants with a strong CV showing relevant work experience. We believe that pupils should begin to develop their employability skills in the Fifth Form, building up their confidence and their CV gradually through the Sixth Form and into university.

Dedicated Careers advisors

The Careers department is staffed by two full-time dedicated advisors, as well as members of the teaching staff. In addition to the formal programme, pupils can drop in during break and lunchtimes, or make an appointment to discuss their higher education and careers options. There is a well-stocked Careers department library available for pupils to do further research.

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