Our Vision

We aim to develop the skills, attitudes and habits that will sustain our pupils throughout their lives, enabling them to flourish both at School and beyond.

We believe that digital devices have an important part to play in creating engaging lessons in the classroom. We also aim for pupils’ learning beyond the physical classroom to be as rich and intellectually stimulating as possible, capitalising on the interactivity and immediacy of our suite of tools.

Pupils need to leave School confident that they can safely navigate the wider world in which they live and work. Universities and businesses expect students and employees to be digitally literate and have an awareness of their personal digital footprint.

Microsoft Surface Devices

Many pupils find it hard to focus on their work when they are able to access distracting online sites such as films or social media. Having a dedicated work device helps them learn how to separate work and relaxation more effectively.

Oundle provides Microsoft Surface devices to all year groups, and uses Microsoft 365 and Teams for use in lessons and to support learning, ensuring that all pupils are able to have the same digital experience.

The Surface devices are managed by the School, and are set with restrictions for the installation of programs.


Other Devices

Our Digital Wellbeing Framework has proved successful in improving mobile phone usage and creating a better atmosphere in School. We want pupils to be able to settle and integrate with their peer groups as quickly as possible and have found that smartphones, which bring a multitude of social media apps into School, are not helpful.

In the First to Fourth Form, pupils may only bring a basic phone handset such as a Nokia 105 to School, rather than a smartphone. In the Fifth and Sixth Forms, smartphones are allowed within the existing School Rules for both boarding and day pupils.

Pupils in the First, Second and Third Forms are permitted a maximum of two devices in School: the School-issued Microsoft Surface and a basic mobile phone which is not internet enabled. Pupils in the Fourth Form may bring another device such as a laptop or a tablet for recreational purposes.

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