The Thommy Purbrook Match Reflects the Spirit of Sport

The annual Thommy Purbrook Charity Rugby Match was held on Sunday, led by captains Georgie Pitman (K) and Rosie Dawes (W). The girls adapted to a relatively new game, and the six tries reflected their high levels of skill and speed.

The captains of netball and tennis (Lily Craven, Sn), hockey (Lara Chapman, D) and cricket (Alice Wilson, W), and Head of School Lucy Stock (N) were all at their best, showing their competitive spirit along with the other 30 girls committing to the fixture.

Both teams were ably assisted by rugby captains Luke Risman (F) and Hugo Darke Christopher (G), and the coaching, cheerleading and enthusiasm shown by all involved reflected the pupils' great teamwork and collaboration. The rest of the School supported on the sidelines, with pupils, parents and staff providing a loud and enthusiastic backdrop to the girls’ performance.

The match was won by the Wyatt and Sanderson team, 22-15, raising £2,000 for the Thommy Purbrook Scholarship Endowment Fund.

Sport is about desire, commitment and skill, but it is also about friendship, selflessness and making memories to be proud of. It has been ten years since Thommy’s death from meningitis when on a School trip, and while none of the pupils involved had met Thommy, her memory and legacy lives on, encouraging pupils to embrace the spirit and adventure of sport.

D Grewcock