The School's Commitment to Reducing Waste and use of Plastic.

As part of the School’s ongoing commitment to its Environmental Policy, the Catering department has introduced a number of initiatives to reduce waste and minimise its environmental impact.

The department has made it a priority to source supply chains with minimum packaging, and is now in the process of introducing biodegradable disposables, such as hot and cold drink cups and sugar stirrers. These new items are made from organic materials such as avocado pear skins, and they completely degrade in landfill without any mechanical process. 

While these items are generally more expensive, because of the volume that is used and the purchasing discounts that have been obtained by the team, introducing the items has proved to be cost neutral in the budget. 

This follows on from the School’s initiative to reduce the use of plastics, particularly plastic water bottles. 

The Catering department has reduced the use of plastic water bottles in pupils’ packed meals and hospitality refreshments. In the academic year 2015 to 2016 the number of bottles consumed totalled 25,844. By encouraging pupils to use reusable bottles, the use of plastic bottles has been reduced to 96 in the current school year.