Stanley John Marlow 19 April 1917

Stanley John Marlow was born in Darlington on 1st August 1895 and lived at Preston Deanery Hall in Northampton where his father was a boot manufacturer. Stanley, who was the eldest of two sons (he had three younger sisters), attended Bilton Grange prep school before coming to New House in January 1910. He was a keen member of the OTC passing two happy school camps on Salisbury Plain before leaving school in 1912. In May 1914, he joined the Northamptonshire Territorials and was promoted to Lieutenant a month after the war broke out.

He saw action in Gallipoli and was then moved to Egypt in August 1915. From there he served in Palestine and was killed at the Battle of Gaza aged 21, on 19th April 1917. At the time of the attack, he was second in command of his company and with characteristic courage was right in front of his men, cheering them on by his gallant example when he was killed instantly. He was buried in Gaza Military Cemetery. His Commanding Officer reflected: “He justified every responsibility placed upon him and he met his death with the cheerful courage that characterized his whole life.”

To honour their son, Stanley’s parents erected a rood screen, choir stalls and an altar rail in their local church of St James in Northampton. The dedicatory plaque ends with the words “Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori”.

C Pendrill
Yarrow Fellow