SciTec Promotes the STEM Experience

Nearly one hundred budding science enthusiasts had the opportunity to visit the cutting edge facilities on the SciTec campus during two full day sessions.

Nine feeder prep schools visited SciTec for the annual STEM Experience.

This year’s event was slightly different in that the competition element between schools was removed and the pupils were split into mixed groups from different schools.

The pupils were involved in challenges in the traditional physical sciences, plus an engineering challenge in the Patrick Engineering Centre. The four activities included extracting cheek DNA, analysis of reaction rates, crumple zones to protect fresh eggs and programming a robotic arm to pick up a ping pong ball and deliver it to a target.

The third annual Imperial College STEM Challenge was held for 54 pupils from five local schools. In the morning they were treated to a fantastic lecture on the solar system by astrophysicist Scott Marley.

After lunch, the pupils went into the labs, and in mixed teams spent the afternoon collaborating on the design and build of a device made from junk materials that would be able to lift an Oxo cube using a simple chemical reaction.

Imperial College continues to use STEM facilities at Oundle School as a regional hub for the East Midlands area. This is the first hub school for Imperial College outside of London and the South East, and it is already acting as conduit for potential new links between Imperial College and state schools in the area.