Rupert Shortt (OO) Leads Debate About the New Atheists

The Theology and Philosophy Society hosted a talk by Old Oundelian Rupert Shortt (B 83) who came to speak on the topic of his recent book, God is No Thing.

The focus of his talk was about the so-call New Atheists, such as Old Oundelian Richard Dawkins. He said that their attacks on Christian beliefs miss the mark because they treat God as though he was a scientific hypothesis. He argued that their criticisms are invalid because "God is No Thing", meaning he is not a part of the physical universe, so science is not equipped to study his existence.

An extensive and wide-ranging discussion followed where our pupils debated Rupert's thesis based on their studies of the subject in their Pre-U course.

Mr Shortt will return to Oundle later this term as guest speaker at the Rugby Group annual meeting for Heads of Theology, Philosophy and Religion.

Mr Shortt is the religion editor of the Times Literary Supplement, a visiting Fellow of Oxford University, and a published writer of books and newspaper journals.