Roland William Trubridge 6 May 1918

Roland William Trubridge was born in Newcastle in November 1898. He was in Crosby for three years, leaving in Easter 1915. He came first in the U14 150 yards swimming race and won a prize for German, perhaps not surprising for a boy whose name during his school days was Keiffenheim. He was a good flautist, playing a solo by Gounod in a school summer concert in 1914.

The reviewer for the Laxtonian said: “The flute solo was quite expressive and very nicely played. RW Keiffenheim should be encouraged to persevere with this useful instrument.” In the same concert, the other Oundelian with a German name, Ernest Weintraud also played an instrumental solo, this time the violin.

When war began the Keiffenheims, like the Weintrauds changed their name to sound less German. So Roland Keiffenheim became Roland Trubridge.

Thus anglicised, he joined the Royal Flying Corps and gained his wings in September 1916, aged just 17. He was operating on the Western Front, to the north of the Somme when he was wounded on 29th April 1918. He died of his injuries a week later, aged 20. He was buried in Crouy British Cemetery not far from Amiens.

C Pendrill
Yarrow Fellow