Psychology is offered as an option in the Sixth Form.

Psychology is about asking questions and evaluating our answers.  Why do we think, feel and behave the way we do?  How should we conduct psychological research that is scientific, ethical, and has practical applications? The emphasis in the course, via the reviewing of original scientific research papers, is on teaching pupils practical skills in the method of Psychology, evaluative skills in challenging established findings, and exploring the major theoretical approaches Psychology employs to explain human behaviour. 

Pupils will use these skills in the study of how Psychology is applied. In all tasks we encourage a spirit of independent enquiry and a strong reliance upon scientific method. Psychology carefully and effectively bridges the gap between the sciences and humanities. It requires rigorously collected empirical evidence to be critically analysed in the form of extended answers, building on arguments and current debates.   

The new specification for 2015 has greater emphasis on the scientific nature of Psychology. 25-30% of overall assessment will assess knowledge and understanding of research methods, while 10% will require mathematical skill.

Each year members of the Lower and Upper Sixth studying any of the sciences have the opportunity to attend the annual convention of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. This gives pupils the chance to hear about the latest developments in a wide range of disciplines from leaders in the field from around the world.

Miss S Gush
Head of Department