Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) at Oundle is provided through a wide variety of channels. The houses and the tutorial system provide the framework within which our pupils are nurtured and afforded the impetus for personal and social development from the day they arrive until the moment they leave the School.

 All Tutors are involved in the delivery of PSHE sessions in houses, the content and timing of which are tailored to the needs of individual year groups. Hsms and Tutors provide further instruction and guidance on a broad range of areas on a day to day basis and the lessons learned in PSHE are built on and reinforced throughout our pupils’ School career.

The PSHE programme supports the wider work of the School when it comes to our pupils’ personal and social development. There are many strands which contribute to this process including addresses in assemblies and Chapel; our comprehensive careers programme; ethical issues in the Fourth Form; a variety of extension courses which broaden the curriculum in the Lower Sixth; and our stimulating Sixth Form Lecture Series in the Upper Sixth.

Opportunities to develop leadership skills and to serve others are provided by the Combined Cadet Force and our Community Action and Duke of Edinburgh Award programmes. Annual events like our Community Carol Service and the Mencap Have-A-Go Day are particular examples of ways in which our programme enables pupils, guided and encouraged by their Hsms and Tutors, to develop personally and socially by volunteering their services for the benefit of others. 

Health Education forms an integral part of the Biology specification at GCSE and is extended where appropriate by Hsms, Tutors and our House Matrons who are ably supported by our School Doctors and Sanatorium staff.

Miss H Dawes
Acting Head of PSHE