Moira Francis Allan Maclean, 15 February 1915

Moira Maclean was born on 23 Nov 1883 in Colorado and came to Oundle – School House – in January 1897. He played for the XV in 1899 and left school in July 1900.

The 1915 Singapore Mutiny, also known as the Sepoy Mutiny, involved some 400 Indian soldiers or sepoys, who mutinied against their British officers in the afternoon of 15th February 1915. Captain Moira Francis Allan Maclean was probably one of the two officers killed by snipers that afternoon, trying to regain control of his regiment.He was determined to follow a career in the army and, after training at Woolwich, he joined the Garrison Artillery and was posted to a battery at Colaba in India. After 13 years in India, he was appointed to command the Mountain Battery of the Malay States Guides with the rank of Captain. He was anxious to join the war in Europe, and his recall had just been authorized when the Singapore Mutiny broke out.

Captain Maclean was 31 years old at the time of his death.

C Pendrill
Yarrow Fellow