The Modern Languages Department teaches French, German, Spanish and Mandarin throughout the School. In addition, Italian, Arabic and Russian are available as options for some pupils at later stages in their career.

It is important that pupils are given a choice regarding their language options, therefore no one language is made compulsory from Third Form upwards. We know that many Oundelians will be working in an international context later in life, and therefore feel that competency in one or more languages is an increasingly necessary skill.

The department is housed in the new Adamson Centre, where accommodation includes the Raymond Lee International Suite, a cinema room and venue for large language events, and six pods, smaller rooms for use by Sixth Form pupils and our six language assistants. We also have two state-of-the-art multimedia Sony Vaio language laboratories, which, in addition to the normal language laboratory functions, allow pupils to use a wealth of digitised foreign language audio and video material for private study.

Those pupils studying languages at GCSE and Sixth Form level are encouraged to discover the delights of world cinema in The International Suite. We have an active Modern Languages Society, run by our Sixth Form linguists, which organises many events, from the annual Oktoberfest to Salsa lessons and talks given by visiting university professors.

Trips and exchanges are offered at all levels, and pupils are encouraged to see such trips as an important and integral part of their studies, especially at Sixth Form level. However, at the same time a rigorous approach to learning is developed and pupils acquire a firm grammatical foundation, as well as knowledge of the culture of the countries where the languages are spoken.

Mrs S Davidson
Head of Department