Kirkeby was built in 1990 to accommodate Oundle's first girl boarders. The House takes its name from Joan Kirkeby, the wife of Sir William Laxton who endowed and refounded the School in 1556. It is situated on Pavilion Drive, surrounded by playing fields, and linked to Wyatt House and the Health Centre. The accommodation includes studies and dormitories for the Third and Fourth Forms and bedsits for the senior year groups. There are also a number of spacious common areas.

Mrs Banerjee has a first class degree from Loughborough University and MEd from the University of Cambridge. Her contribution to the School over twelve years has already been considerable as Head of Geography, Head of Girls Games, and Deputy Housemistress of Dryden House, and as a member of the Safeguarding Team. Her husband taught Psychology and Maths at Oundle for eight years and was a Deputy Housemaster at the School before changing careers and becoming a police officer. They have two children.

The House is assisted by a team of Tutors: Miss Dent (Art),  Miss Dorman (Chemistry), Miss Ford (Modern Languages), Miss Hignett (Deputy Housemistress; Modern Languages) Mr Oddie (Head of Art), Mr Raudnitz (English); Mrs Talbot (English) and Mrs Turner (Geography).


Mrs J L L Banerjee
+44 (0)1832 277230

Miss S Shiells
+44 (0) 7885 406190

Kirkeby House
Pavilion Drive
Oundle PE8 4JJ