It comes as no surprise that Italian has considerable appeal for those pupils who have the appetite and ambition to broaden their knowledge of European languages and cultures. In its language, culture and its society, Italy has been blessed with a sublime heritage of art, music, design and gastronomic regional delights without compare, with the light and the landscapes to match.

Pupils who are strong and confident linguists are encouraged to opt for IGCSE Italian in the Fourth Form as their second modern language. Practical skills and the use of the language in real life situations are strongly emphasised through the course content, but the syllabus also positively encourages exploration of the intellectual, artistic and social culture. Italian may also be taken in the Lower Sixth Form as an extension course; it is then completed within one year.

In the Sixth Form, Italian follows the Pre-U course. Emphasis is placed on advanced grammatical structure, individual discursive learning and the study of major literary texts of cultural and linguistic importance. Though unapologetically more rigorous than its counterparts in the mainstream A level world, Italian Pre-U provides pupil and teacher alike with a delightful journey of intellectual discovery that is all but vanished from the alternatives.

Mr TD Watson
Head of Department