The House system is at the heart of life at Oundle. It is in the community of the House that most pupils find the confidence and sense of purpose that lead to fulfilment in the larger community of the School.

The day House, Laxton currently caters for 244 day pupils from 11 to 18 years of age, and is situated at the heart of the School, using buildings which were part of the original Grammar School foundation of Sir William Laxton.

The Berrystead accommodates around 40 boys and girls between the ages of 11 and 13. It is a smaller, mixed, junior House, in which 11-plus boarding entrants will spend their first two years before they move on to a senior House.

The senior boarding Houses accommodate approximately 60 pupils, or roughly twelve pupils in each year group. The accommodation varies between Houses, with some pupils in bedsits in their first year; whereas others may share small dormitories and work in separate studies. The School supplies a networked computer terminal at every study desk, providing access to the Internet and to the School's network. Additionally, Houses have Wi-Fi access for pupils who want to bring their own laptop with them. All Sixth Formers are in bedsits, and all Upper Sixth formers are in single bedsits. Each boarding House has common recreation areas, a library, TV room, computer room and kitchens for pupil use. In addition, all Houses have their own dining room where the members of the House sit down together for breakfast, lunch and supper.

The Houses are scattered throughout the town, and each retain their own individuality, whether fashioned by the Housemaster or Housemistress, its pupils, its architecture or location, whilst adhering to the philosophy of the School.