Debate, argument and opinions are three essential components for prospective Politics pupils. All views are valid as long as they are substantiated. Should we ever go to war? What is our responsibility to the people of Syria? How should we protest against the state? Who was a better Prime Minister; Thatcher or Blair? Pupils are encouraged to hold strong opinions on these subjects and to be confident in expressing them. No prior knowledge is expected, but an interest in politics is important. There is an expectation that pupils will have an up-to-date knowledge of current affairs and current political issues.

In the Lower Sixth, the course is focused on British politics and systems. In the Upper Sixth, this expands to American politics and political ideologies. Every pupil has a chance to visit the House of Parliament and the Supreme Court.

The Politics Society runs a series of invited speakers, which has included MPs, American pollsters, and the leader of UKIP. During election campaigns we hold a lively school-wide mock elections, complete with hustings, campaigning, and voting by Boarding House constituencies.

Mr D Hine
Head of Government and Politics