German is available as an option in the Second Form, and no previous knowledge of the language is assumed.

In the Third Form we offer both beginner and continuer sets. At this stage the basic grammatical foundations are laid and all four linguistic skills are developed, though the emphasis is placed on enjoyment, vocabulary learning and using the language productively. Third Year pupils have the opportunity to take part in the Grimm’s Fairy Tale Trip to Hamelin at the end of the Christmas Quarter.

In the exam years, pupils in the Fourth and Fifth years are encouraged to broaden their understanding of the language and culture through music, poetry, film and song. At IGCSE the emphasis is on a good grounding of grammar as well as on developing the ability to speak more spontaneously in various situations. Fourth Year pupils are encouraged to take part in the popular Easter exchange with our long-standing exchange school in Hamburg.

The Pre-U specification is followed in the Sixth Form. Emphasis is placed on studying the various themes in a German context, so much use is made of extracts from German newspapers, magazines and television broadcasts. The Pre-U course enables each pupil to study a broad range of German literature and film, but also affords the opportunity of examining other aspects of German culture or society expressed in art and music.

Pupils are encouraged to become independent learners and research their particular interests in greater depth. For this reason, pupils are regularly asked to produce presentations in German. Particular importance is attached to developing fluency and maturity of expression, and every Sixth Form pupil has one lesson a week with the German Assistentin.

Pupils are encouraged in the Sixth Form to take part in the biennial study trip to Berlin and Leipzig in the Easter holidays.

Miss EJ Wagstaffe
Head of Department