The department is staffed by nine full-time teachers and thirty-eight visiting teachers. The Gascoigne building houses some forty teaching and practice rooms, and also a separate recital room, rehearsal room, technology studio and library.

The School's radio station, OSCAR Radio, and its studios provide facilities for musicians to record and press their own audio CDs, and also keeps an archive of recitals and performances.

The Music department has fifteen new Yamaha pianos, and was the first UK institution to select two new-model C3X grands. Other models include eleven U1 pianos, a C5 grand piano and an AvantGrand N1 hybrid piano. The School is now equipped with Yamaha pianos in all the music department rooms. The School also recently purchased a Yamaha YV3910 vibraphone, adding to the existing orchestral xylophone and marimba instruments.

A Steinway model D grand piano is housed in the Great Hall. The adjoining Arthur Marshall Room with its Yamaha grand piano is used for lunchtime concerts and chamber recitals.

The School Chapel houses two organs. A classical instrument built in 1984 by Frobeniius of Denmark has three manuals and pedals, thirty-five speaking stops and mechanical action. It is situated in the gallery at the west end. A romantic instrument installed by Copeman Hart in 2000 and situated at the east end of the Chapel provides accompaniment for the Chapel Choir, and leads the whole school singing. It has three manuals and pedals with a west end solo division.