End-of-Year Celebration of Spanish Language and Culture

On Thursday the Spanish department held an event for the First and Second Form pupils who are currently studying Spanish. The Second Form Spanish classes made presentations in groups of three and four on Spanish towns within different regions of Spain. A few of these regions included Andalucia, Castilla y León, Aragón, and Cantabria.

The presentations were worked on for a few lessons before the performance, which was then judged by the First Form Spanish set, who did an excellent job of judging the presentations by using score sheets and marking each group out of 25.

The presentations had to include all sorts of information such as typical and traditional food eaten in that part of Spain, and the famous landmarks and tourist attractions, such as museums, universities, schools, art galleries, theatres and castles.

Alongside the presentations there was some classic Spanish and Latino American food for us to try. The food included olives, tortilla chips, homemade guacamole, frijoles and a delicious cake made with Dulce de leche, which is very similar to English caramel.

It was a great experience to show off the skills we had learned throughout the two years we have been doing Spanish.

Mathilda Holland (L)