The department seeks to stimulate an enthusiasm for and knowledge of current affairs that will ensure that our pupils are informed and interested citizens. Our aim is to foster and develop the students’ powers of analysis, evaluation and critical thinking that will complement their studies in whichever fields they choose to follow.

Economics enables pupils to gain a thorough and rigorous understanding of the theory that underpins the workings of a modern economy; to develop quantitative skills through the use of various statistical methods; to understand the concepts of causality and interdependence, both on a micro and a macro scale; and to have a sound understanding of events that have influenced the UK economy over the past 20 years.

Economics is available as a Sixth Form option and currently attracts 110 pupils across the Sixth Form. Pupils study three papers from the AQA specification, covering both microeconomics and macroeconomics, with a focus on economic principles and issues, markets and market failure, and national and international economies.

The department organises a wide range of activities to develop a broader understanding of the subject. The Junior and Senior Economics Societies organise evening lectures and previous guests have included speakers such as Paul Dales, Paul Ormerod and Ha-Joon Chang.

Mr S Janes
Head of Department