Discovering the Natural World Through Photography

This year’s Biology Week Photography Competition attracted over 120 submissions from pupils and staff, who captured their enthusiasm for the natural world in an array of stunning images taken on travels to far-flung locations, as well as from close observation of flora and fauna in the back garden. From emerging fungi in the lawn and cat fights in the street to icebergs in Finland and wild dogs in Africa, pupils discovered new wonders in the natural world and recorded their impressions and observations in photographs worthy of professional publications. The judges had a very difficult time selecting the award winners. The top awards went to:

Overall Winner and Sixth Form Winner: Imogen Peckett (K) 

Overall Runner-up and Third Form Winner: Willow White (L) 

Overall Finalist and First and Second Form Winner:  Thomas Kemp (Sco)

Overall Finalist: Emily Horrocks-Taylor (L)

Overall Finalist: Harry Ratchford (L)

Fourth and Fifth Form Winner: Monai Rattanadilokchai (F)