Debating Competition Named in Recognition of Pupils

In the final week of the Term, six Oundle pupils travelled to Uppingham School for the inaugural debating competition between Oakham, Stamford Endowed Schools, Oundle and Uppingham. The debates were expertly adjudicated and chaired by Sixth Form volunteers from each school. Oundle took Harriet Getley (N) and Morgan Richards (L), who chaired and adjudicated with aplomb.

Oundle’s first team, Marcus Raudnitz (L) and Thomas Caskey (L), were the proposition for the motion ‘This House Believes in the Right to be Forgotten Online’, and were narrowly pipped to the post by Uppingham in a very closely fought debate. In the end, Uppingham’s argument that such an approach would constitute censorship won the day.

Oundle’s next debate, in which Izzy Horrocks-Taylor (L) and Robert Brettle (B) opposed the motion ‘This House Would Make British History Compulsory until Year 13’, resulted in a clear victory. Brettle and Horrocks-Taylor not only won the debate, with a tightly focused argument and beautiful rhetoric, but the judges awarded them the highest points of any of the teams. This made their team the winners of the entire competition.

The winners of the debate were given the honour of having their names given to the title of the contest. The annual competition will now be known as the Brettle, Horrocks-Taylor Debating Competition.