The availability of classical language courses, offering pupils the privilege of reading Greek and Latin authors in the original, is one of the distinctive features of a school such as Oundle.

A sound linguistic grounding is needed for pupils to do this, and will also be advantageous to them in studying their own and other languages. While the languages remain fundamental to our work as a department, we certainly do not see our work as merely teaching classical languages. We believe that the classical subjects contribute to the broad development of our pupils, stimulating clarity of thought, accuracy of detail, communication of ideas, exploration of moral issues, and the appreciation of our artistic heritage.

The teaching of Latin is in the core curriculum for the first three years and is an option for GCSE and A level. The teaching of Greek is an option for beginners in the Second Form. Pupils in the Third Form may choose to continue Greek if they have studied it before or begin it as an option. It is also an option for GCSE and A level. Classical Civilisation is only taught in the Sixth Form, where it is introduced as a new subject for A level.

The School has an extensive collection of original Roman coins and an outstanding collection of ancient Greek ceramics, which are kept on display in the Cripps Library. There are pots which represent different shapes and periods, and they offer an unparalleled opportunity to support the study of ancient art with a literal hands-on experience.

Miss A Harmer
Head of Department