Results nationwide this year have clearly been subject to more scrutiny and contention than ever. Our thoughts are with all pupils and their families, many of whom are still having to come to terms with the changes to external moderation. We sincerely regret that our pupils were not able to have the satisfaction of proving themselves in formal examinations.

As a School, our focus from the outset was on deriving meaningful and realistic results for both our GCSE and A level cohorts. These have now been validated by the examination boards and the pupils deserve to be congratulated not only for their results but for their resilience and forbearance under the most unusual of circumstances.

At A level, 29% of grades awarded were A*; 61% A*A; 87% A*-B. At GCSE and IGCSE, pupils recorded 35% grade 9; 64% 9/8; 84% 9-7.

Sarah Kerr-Dineen said: “These pupils, more than any, deserved to have their hard work and abilities recognised fairly after a Term of disruption and disappointment that was not of their making. I congratulate them all.”