The Stahl Theatre

Director: Naomi Jones

The Stahl Theatre is a centre of theatrical activity for Oundle School, for Oundle Town and for the surrounding region. Situated in an attractively converted chapel on West Street, The Stahl Theatre offers a varied programme of live performances - dramas, musicals, dance, comedy, physical theatre and children's shows, together with concerts, films and lectures. Oundle School's own productions are complimented by a range of visiting shows from some of the most popular touring companies in the UK, and everyone is welcome to every performance. 

The Stahl is staffed by a large, professional team of theatre practitioners. In addition to the Director there is the Theatre Manager, who is responsible for the day to day running of the Theatre and who designs many of our productions; the Technical Stage Manager, with responsibility for building our increasingly ambitious sets as well as looking after the professional companies; the Wardrobe Supervisor and a Staff Fellow.

One of our aims is that pupils should assume considerable responsibility and feel that they are helping to run an efficient enterprise. Large numbers get involved backstage in both the professional productions and the School's, acting as directors, stage managers, technical designers, wardrobe staff. One reason for the success of the theatre is that so many members of the School are involved and have pride in its successful running. A number of pupils from the School now enter the profession as actors, stage managers or designers.